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“I would like to say thank you to Shakeema Hughes. The owner of Sheevolve, for her 21 day course on how to open an online boutique. I would have been truly lost without this course. Her openiess and knowledge is unmatched. She provided much need information with experience that I can truly say helped me to broaden my horizon. I did some homework on how to open a online Boutique, by googling as mush as I could find, however there isn’t much to find if you don’t known what you are really looking for.
┬áMy daughter sent me her IG page because she knew I was looking for information on how to open and online boutique, and this is how I found out about sheevolves. ┬áLiterally within days she posted the challenge for the 21 days of how to open and online boutique. I have always loved fashion and did pretty well until my illness. Sitting here thinking of ways to earn income and this opportunity rolled right into my lap. I have been quite pleasantly surprised at the information she has provided in the knowledge of her expertise. Even though my boutique want be up until a few more months. I recommand this course for anyone who is looking to open an online boutique. I’m very greatful & thankful for all she has taught & given me and Thank You Ms. Shekeema Hughes.”