Boutique Essentials


When starting an online boutique business your “to do” or “to find out” list can get pretty long.  It may get frustrating at times when you know what you want for your online boutique, but you don’t know where to start.  This page is designed to help you take the guess work out of starting and growing your online boutique!  Below is a list of services that I use, have used, or recommend you use to get your online boutique up and running.  Feel free to contact me in regard to this list if you believe I am using something that is not included on this site.  

Please Note that many of the links listed below are my affiliate links and I receive a commission for referring them to you. I am endorsing only products that I personally use or know are used by leaders in the industry and have a proven track record for being reliable and generate the results you need to maintain your online boutique business.

New resources are added to this page weekly.  Make sure to check back for new and updated resources for your online boutique needs.

For more information about the must-know principles to start and grow an online boutique business including Building Your Boutique Empire click here.  For work with me and allow me to personal coach you and be your online boutique strategist click here.


Blogs & Websites


I personally use GoDaddy for all of my domain names because they seem to be the simplest site to use when it comes down to forwarding your domain names, linking it to an email address, adding sub-domains and hosting.

Click here to get GoDaddy.


All Real Bloggers use WordPress;) There are obviously free sites out there that you can use like or, but you DO NOT want to use a FREE site because they limit your options and monetization possibilities. Instead, go to and get a web host using my recommendations below.

This may seem a bit more complicated but it’s worth it in the long run because you can avoid the endless hassles of free sites and their limitations (FREE blog training video coming soon)

Click here to get WordPress.

Blog Plugins I highly Recommend (Free & Premium Plug-ins)

Link Within

LinkWithin retrieves and indexes all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them.

It links to stories that are relevant and interesting to readers of a particular post, keeping them engaged with your blog, and increasing your traffic.

Click here to get LinkWithin.

Email / AutoResponder


I personally use Aweber for list building and lead generation. However, Aweber is limited when it comes to importing contacts from a previous list so I also use Icontact in conjunction with Aweber.

Click here to get AWeber.

Shopping Carts


Everyone, in my opinion, needs a Paypal account. Tons of online transactions are being made daily through paypal, and you will find that you will need an account sooner or later. Paypal also works well with affiliate programs that you become an affiliate of, or reseller sites like Clickbank and E-Junkie.

You will need to thoroughly set up your account. Link it to a bank account to deposit or withdrawal money. You can also get a debit card, which comes in handy when you start selling and buying merchandise for your business.

Click here to get PayPal.

Boutique Wholesale Directory

Open An Online Boutique Wholesale Directory provides a list of wholesalers that allows you to have the options your need for your boutique. The list contains over 40 wholesale provides that are U.S. based.

Click Here for Wholesale List