8 Must Know Ways To Protect Your Online Brand

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Have you ever went to someone’s Facebook page that you wanted to do business with and saw a post or two, or three that really didn’t sit well with you? Have you ever went on an Instagram page of a person that you wanted to speak to a group of children at an empowerment conference, and you saw pictures of women half naked? Have you ever made a stink about a personal matter of yours on Twitter, and by the time you realized it was inappropriate and went to take it down it was to late because several people already retweeted it? If so, you need to continue reading because this message is just for you!!

When we post something on the internet we have to keep in mind that this is the World Wide Web. The web is what allows people to connect with one another and share information personal or professional all across the world. When you are on the internet posting different things, this is a reflection of who you are aka Your Brand. I’ve learned a long time ago that perception is everything. Even though I would like for people to take the time to get to know each other instead of making a decision about them based on what they think they know, I realize that things don’t work that way. Because of the microwave society that we live in people look at the way you look, walk, talk, and what you post on the internet and from those things they gather & they predict the type of person you are and what you represent. I know this probably makes you a little uncomfortable but hear me out! If my only opportunity to get to know who you are aka your brand and what you represent is based on what I see on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages would it represent you appropriately? Would I want to associate myself with you? Would I want to do business with you? Would I recommend your product or service to anyone?
What I want you to realize is that You Are Your Brand! The things you say, the way you look, the way you talk, and the things you post online are a representation of that! When someone searches your name on Google you want them to see positive things. You want them to see what you and your company represent, and how the product or service you are offering can help them. I want to give you 11 tips that can help you protect your brand online. You reputation is important for the growth of your business and these tips will help you to manage and build your brand. These tips will also help people to find you in the search engines by allowing your brand to be listed on the first couple of pages in Google.

1. Purchase Your Online Name. When you are in business you must purchase your name online. What I mean by that is this; if your name is John Doe you need to purchase www.johndoe.com. It will also help if you purchased www.john-doe.com, and any other variation of your name positive or negative. This will help you better manage your brand and lessen the chances of someone else trying to ruin your reputation. To purchase your online name you can go to www.Godaddy.com. Search your name and see what comes up.

2. Take Advantage of LinkedIn. LinkedIn.com is one of the best social networking sites for professionals. You want to scream professionalism when it comes to your brand and what better way to do that then to set up a LinkedIn account. It is very easy to do and will help your brand in so many ways. Make sure you complete every area of it and that your profile information is well written. LinkedIn is rated top 20 in the Alexa rankings which will help your personal brand to be seen when people are searching your name.

3. Take Advantage of Google+. Set up your Google+ account at www.google.com/plus. Google is ranked number one in the Alexa rankings which means that more people go to Google.com then any other website in the world! Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this tool to help people find your business in the search engines and give your personal brand the attention it needs. This account just like LinkedIn is free to set up. Make sure you fill out everything completely. I would also recommend that you use your LinkedIn profile biography for Google+ as well. You want your brand image to be consistent!!

4. Set Up A Twitter Account. Now you might say to yourself, Twitter….Really?!? I don’t want you to feel this way and I’m going to tell you why. Twitter is ranked number 10 on Alexa.com which means that people use this site very ofter. Out of all of the websites online which by the way there are millions, Twitter is number 10!!! This is very beneficial for you and your business. You want people to see your business. Setting up a Twitter account and tweeting about things that involve your business will help it to grow tremendously. Go to www.twitter.com to set up your FREE account today.

5. Set Up and Manage Your Facebook Account. Depending on your network, Facebook can have mixed reviews. You may hear some people say that Facebook is nothing but drama and they want nothing to do with it. Then you may hear someone else say that they built there five figure business with people that they have met on Facebook. When you are in business you have to think about everything from a professional standpoint. Facebook will help you to reach an audience that you couldn’t reach before. There are millions of active users on Facebook and you want to use this as a tool to get your business and brand in front of them. Set up your Free account at www.Facebook.com. Once you set up your personal account, set up a fan page for your business. Use the fan page for everything regarding your business.

6. Create Your Very Own Blog. Setting up a blog allows you to brand your business and show that you are an expert in that field. You can update your blog as often as you want. This is another way to for your business to rank high when searched on Google. The more you post information about what your business offers and how it can help potential customers on your blog, the better. This also allows people to see your brand in a positive light. Make sure that you think about everything you post on you blog. Remember you are building a brand and you must protect it by any means. You can have a DIY blog or a DFY blog. When you decide which one is best for you make sure it is all set up before the launch of your business.

7. Think Before Responding. Whether you are responding to an email, a tweet, a Facebook post, or a LinkedIn message think about your response before you reply. Yes someone could have wrote something rude and even disrespectful, but you have to remember that you are building a brand and whatever you put out there people will see. I recently learned a really good way to deal with situations like this and I want to share it with you. Someone sent me a text and they were very rude and disrespectful. I was so upset that I proceeded to text them back EXACTLY how I was feeling. After I finishing expressing myself through this text message I put the phone down because I realize that I was very angry and once I send this text, I cannot get it back. So I decided to wait a few hours to calm down. I reread the text and decided that I needed to do a lot of editing before I send it. I decided this way because I had to think about the bigger picture. I can’t let my anger get the best of me and I don’t ever want my customers and potential customers to see me in this negative way. Think about this my friends before you sent that probably well deserved text or email to that person who just pissed you off. It may ruin your reputation.

8. Search Your Brand Name Often. I am one of those people who will go to Google and search my name. I will look page by page to see what comes up about me. If it’s something I not excited about, I go about having it removed. If it brings positivity then that excites me. You want to do this with your brand. Search your brand name in Google and any other search engine to see what comes up. Negativity spreads faster then positivity so you want to make sure your are aware of what’s happening when it come to your brand in this online world. Use websites such as google.com/alerts and for Twitter you can use a site called topsy.com. Don’t take any chances with your brand. Make sure you do this at least once a month to monitor what is being said about your brand.

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