5 Things To Keep You Thinking Like A Boss While Running An Online Business

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5 Things To Keep You Thinking Like A Boss While Running An Online Business

I know the word “Boss” can be so overrated but the truth is, it takes a special type of person to be a Boss.  The word “Boss” can be defined in several ways.  When I looked up the word, these two definitions stood out to me.  The first definition is the head of a group.  The second definition is great or excellent.  These two definitions of the word “Boss” symbolizes who they are mentally and physically.  To be a leader and do it in excellence takes a special type of person.  So many people look at it as telling people what to do.  Even though that is one of the definitions of the word, being a “Boss” is so much more than that!  You have to be on a different level mentally to start and maintain a business and lead people.  I want to share with you 5 things to keep you thinking like a boss while running your online business.

  1.  Get used to being uncomfortable.  This almost kept me from truly fulfilling my professional purpose. Getting in front of people and exposing them to things that will help them grow personally and professionally is what I am on a mission to do.  I am an introvert and I don’t like to talk to many people, especially people I don’t know.  I have to get out of my comfort zone of talking to people I don’t know and talk to everyone no matter what.  If I keep all of the things I know to myself, how can I help people grow?  How can people make better decisions if they are not given a better way of doing things?  Me being uncomfortable had to go out of the window because it’s too many people that need help.  The more you step out of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you will be.
  2. Stop dreaming. Start doing.  Dreaming is necessary.  Without a dream or a vision of any kind how would we know what to do?  Once you have that dream, write it down.  Put together a plan to make that dream a reality. This is where we go wrong.  We dream at night, we day dream, but we never put our dreams to work.  We have to start doing.  Have your dream.  Execute your dream.  Immediately.
  3. Get out of your feelings.  I can speak for myself when I say I sometimes get in my feeling.  I don’t feel like exercising.  I don’t feel like cooking.  I don’t feel like scheduling my assignments.  I don’t feel like talking to people. Being in my feeling has caused me to not accomplish goals that should be accomplished and not help people that need to be helped.  It brought great pain to my heart to know that because I didn’t feel like making a phone call someone didn’t get the help they needed in the timing that they needed it in.  We have to, have to, have to, get out of our feelings.  Whatever you don’t feel like doing, do it anyway!  You may not want to, but you will be thanking yourself that you did!
  4. Adapt the “whatever it takes” mentality.  Now that we are out of our feelings, we have to do whatever it takes to get the job done. If you set a goal to make $100 a day, do whatever it takes to hit that goal of $100 for the day.  Period!
  5. Surround yourself with other bosses.  When you are not around people that are doing the same things you are doing, you can easily get discouraged.  Surround yourself with other people that can encourage you, empower you and vice versa, bounce ideas off of, and support you in what it is you are doing.  Be nice and try to lend a helping hand, you never know who is watching and will help you with all that you need to do. 

It’s mind over matter.  When we can control our mind we have one half the battle.  If we tell our mind to do something our body will follow.  If we say I can do one more sit up, our body will allow us to do one more sit up.  Control your thoughts and you can control your life both personally and professionally.  Use these tips to keep you thinking like a “Boss” and running a successful and significant online business.

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