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Here at Open An Online Boutique we want to help you start and grow your very own online boutique empire.  If you are ready to build your boutique empire check out our Start Your Boutique Checklist


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In this fast paced industry we want you to have the tools and resources you need to start and grow a profitable online boutique business. Whether you are an aspiring boutique owner or a seasoned boutique owner, the blog and the boutique essentials will always have the tea on everything boutique!


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Join me for Boss Up! 21 Day Start Your Online Boutique eCourse.  To learn how to be a part of this movement click here.

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  • Get your questions answered specifically for your online boutique business with a one-on-one boutique strategy session.
  • Master your craft by enrolling in one of our master classes.

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What Our Clients Say

“I would like to say thank you to Shakeema Hughes. The owner of Sheevolve, for her 21 day course on how to open an online boutique. I would have been truly lost without this course. Her openiess and knowledge is unmatched. She provided much need information with experience that I can truly say helped me to broaden my horizon. I did some homework on how to open a online Boutique, by googling as mush as I could find, however there isn’t much to find if you don’t known what you are really looking for.
 My daughter sent me her IG page because she knew I was looking for information on how to open and online boutique, and this is how I found out about sheevolves.  Literally within days she posted the challenge for the 21 days of how to open and online boutique. I have always loved fashion and did pretty well until my illness. Sitting here thinking of ways to earn income and this opportunity rolled right into my lap. I have been quite pleasantly surprised at the information she has provided in the knowledge of her expertise. Even though my boutique want be up until a few more months. I recommand this course for anyone who is looking to open an online boutique. I’m very greatful & thankful for all she has taught & given me and Thank You Ms. Shekeema Hughes.”
Verlyne M

I received my wholesaler list book and girl you sparked a fire underneath me! I can’t wait to share with you all my plans and success!!! Thank you so much, you are the true definition of a “Girl Boss” because you rock!!!

A. Lacey

Well, I must say, I have gained tons of knowledge from all the information you put out on the webinar. It’s such a blessing to connect with you.

Tessa R.

“I’ve been on vacation twice and I take this book with me.  I can’t put it down.  I appreciate all the information and tips you’ve put into this book.  The stories as well, as I can relate to some.  You’ve shown me so much in this book that I never even thought of when it came to owning and running a successful boutique.  I’m on Chapter 8, but I highlight and take notes.  Than you so much. Seriously.”

Sade White

“Thank you so much.  It’s been a long time dream of mine to have a boutique.”

Loretta J.

Loretta J.

“Thank you, Shakeema, for this awesome information that you sent for FREE!  It’s been said that nothing is free (except salvation, but this document is a great start to taking the vision out of the mind, from the paper and to the next step of building a business that could take someone from dream to reality.  I’m sure there is always more to learn hands on, and from having a mentor to assist along the way, however I so appreciate your willingness to share what you’ve been so blessed with.”

Brenda W.

Brenda W.

“Words can’t express how Shakeema Hughes owner of has given me so much great business advice. Ms. Hughes has excellent business sense and has given me so many excellent tips to help my business. Whether you just started a business or you are a veteran business owner Shakeema Hughes is the way to go to get all your business strategy needs.”

Daphney J Events Daphney J CEO of Daphney J Events
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Secrets To Online Boutique Success Book Signing!

In Secrets to Online Boutique Success Shakeema will introduce you to the principles you will need to follow your passion of becoming an online boutique owner. With this book you will discover the secrets to finding the resources you need to get started including marketing strategies, and a system that will truly help you to be a success in your online boutique business.